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Anonymous asked: how old are you


Old enough to remember life before the internet. When phones had cords. I’m ancient

On a scavenger hunt with a bunch of kids this wknd….the objects we were to find were all technology based.
Old calculators
A word processor
Phones with cords
One of the clues was to find the music player…all the kids were looking for mp3 players or ipods….it was a portable radio with an antenna.
Funny as hell….

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Costume ideas?


Must be urchin friendly.

Must be relatively simple and not cause me added stress.

I am going to a costume party next weekend. With the boys. No Sir (booohisss). I was contemplating Amelia Earhart because I can do my hair in little curls like Amy Adams in Night at the museum 2. Plus I think I can pull the costume together based on my wardrobe alone. I also can do the corset and big skirts but that’s not totally comfortable long term.

Any thoughts?

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Yes, I am not above this….


Sir is leaving for work. The dog gets a scratch behind the ear, kiss on the head, “you smell so fresh and clean!”, “be a good boy”. Then Sir goes to walk out the door.

I go “Hey!! Where’s my good girl ear scratch??” (Only sorta teasingly) he comes over….hand in hair with tugging, kiss on the forehead, “mmm my good girl smells fresh and clean too” growl….

Ok better now


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Change of plans…

So we came home rather than spend the night.
To my benefit we did stay all day till the bedtime movie and tmrw morning is just breakfast and pack up.
The food disagreed with me. Plus I have one urchin who doesnt care for camping but does like to be social and one older urchin who was bored but does like the outdoors. I could go either way. The stomach upset was the clincher unfortunately. Justifiable reasons right??
So why do I feel like a waste? It is always a stressful day for me. Chaos, grumpy kids, misbehaving kids, older scouts that lack patience, parents that are….annoying for whatever reason…be it lack of supervision of their children or pissy because Johnny didn’t get a speaking role in the minute long skit. Sigh….I can handle small groups of stress but large events like this push me into anxiety overload territory.
I feel like a spazz. I know my own limitations but I push them because….well…life. There is no room for “sorry mommy doesn’t handle other people’s chaotic stress well”. Not to mention it seriously conflicts with the in charge, under control, organized persona I have going on most days. This conflict of my own emotions confuses me greatly. I dont know how to shut down from other peoples stress and save my own sanity.
Going to bed. Stomach hurts. I am doing this to myself and I need to stop. Someday I’ll figure out how to actually do so.

Filed under but it all makes me like my own kids so much more... not to mention appreciate them!

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Boo will be spending the next 24-36 hrs chaperoning/supervising a cub scout campout. In the woods. With a tent.

The things I do for my boys…..Just kidding!! I am excited!!!
Be good luvs. Play nicely….