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She won’t accept your mediocrity. She’s content, if not quite happy. She refuses to be lonely; even alone she finds her peace in the solitude. She doesn’t deserve to be alone but she deserves a fuck load better than you. If love is what she’s missing, then maybe it’s my words that should be kissing her to sleep at night.
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In honor of my visit to the Vancouver Highland Games today, and a severe lack in kilted men in my life, I present to you, MEN IN KILTS!! Let the summer officially begin!

swiggity swilts men in kilts… 

Reblogging for my good friend Sorcyress…

kilts will ALWAYS be sexy

Ohh, Number 5, Logan McCree yasssss. Fucking amazing. *reblogs forever*

Now imagine Ryan Haywood.

Master and I are headed to a Renaissance faire in a couple weeks. He wears a Kilt! I can’t wait!